French Artist Creates Stunning Sleeping Bird Topiary Sculptures

Claude Ponti is a renowned French artist and children’s book author. His inspiration comes from the “nonsense world of dreams”.

His whimsical drawings and books have captured the attention and hearts of children of all ages.

But one of his greatest works of art is resting in a botanical garden, Jardin des Plantes, in Nantes, France.

The artist created an adorable topiary sculpture called Poussin Endormi (Sleepy Chick). But once he realized how amazing the larger-than-life bird looked resting against an oversized bench, he created another and another.

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The gigantic baby bird is also seen sleeping sprawled out on its back in the garden.

And resting on its side.

Photo: Instagram/culturekids_brasil

No detail was spared.

The sleeping bird has the most lavish eyelashes and large yellow beak made of metal.

Ponti’s work has been admired by thousands with some calling the sleeping bird the “cutest thing ever created”.

But it is not the only sleeping animal Ponti has created.

A sleeping koala also resides in the beautiful gardens.

Ponti’s wild imagination has led him to create other playful sculptures that are featured throughout the lush grounds.

It is clear to see why he is such an inspiration to other artists. If you are ever in France, be sure to check out the largest and oldest botanical garden in Nantes that is adorned with Ponti’s sculptures.

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