Student Helps Injured Stork Walk Again With New Prosthetic Leg

A young stork in the Czech Republic was attempting to fly from his nest for the first time and ended up falling off a chimney and injuring himself.

Sadly, his injury left him with only one leg, and he wasn’t able to walk on his own.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

That is, until veterinarians and staff at SOOS animal shelter gave him a new lease on life with a 3D-printed prosthetic leg.

The prosthetic leg was designed by Matyas Michl, a local high school student. It was first printed on a 3D printer, and then filled with foam so that it would be more comfortable for walking, rather than leaving it as plastic.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

They are currently working on the prosthesis, trying to stabilize it with a joint. Michl is also working to create a silicon sock, so that the prosthesis will hold a lot better.

Thanks to the new leg, veterinarians say the stork has a second chance to “fly, hunt and live a full life.” Without their help, there is no way this stork would have been able to live in the wild, let survive at all.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Although he will be able to walk again, the prosthetic leg will need to be checked up on every so often, so the stork will be unable to live in the wild. However, he will get a great home in a zoo or animal sanctuary.

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