Student Honors Parents By Taking Graduation Pictures In Fields Where They Work

A student took her graduation photos as a way to honor her parents, and they’re going viral for how touching and inspirational they are.

Jennifer Rocha made the selfless decision to take her graduation photos in the farm fields where her parents worked as a way to honor them and their dedication to her education.

Jennifer, herself, worked in strawberry fields alongside her parents since the time she was in high school through her college career. In a post shared by UC San Diego, she explained, “As a high schooler, my parents told me that the only way I was going to be able to understand how important it was to pursue a higher education was to work as a migrant field worker.”

Photo: Facebook/UC San Diego

Her parents immigrated from Michoacan, Mexico, and struggled to get the education and careers they desired. They wanted better for Jennifer, so they brought her to the fields they worked in to show her how hard the lifestyle is.

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Jennifer recalled how she’d go to school all day, do sports after school, and then work with her dad all night. She’d only get an hour or two of sleep each night, and while it was hard, it built her strong character and determination to finish higher education.

Photo: Facebook/UC San Diego

She said, “Having to work two jobs, commute, and go to school at the same time was a struggle. Many times I wanted to give up, but my parents and their pieces of advice and support were the reason I kept going.”

Jennifer’s photos represent a huge part of her life, her driving force behind graduating college and pursuing an education. But more than that, they represent her respect and pride for her parents, who selflessly came to the US and took field worker jobs to support her and her pursuits.

Photo: Facebook/UC San Diego

After graduation, Rocha plans to use her Sociology degree with an emphasis in Law and Society to go into the law enforcement field.

She hopes to serve as an inspiration to other immigrant families and it seems she’s doing just that.

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