Dad Couldn’t Walk His Baby So Students Designed A Stroller For His Wheelchair

One of the things that we appreciate most about having children are the moments that really warm our hearts.

This would include spending some quiet time with our child one on one, and there is no better way to do it than going for a walk.

Taking the child out in a stroller is good for you, and good for them, but not all parents have that opportunity.

Photo: flickr/Vasile Cotovanu

That is the case with a man named Jeremy King, who is able to walk but cannot safely carry his child. He uses a wheelchair, and that keeps him from enjoying those special moments with the baby.

When Jeremy’s wife, Chelsea, was talking to Good Morning America, she said that he has balance issues so carrying a baby or pushing a baby in a stroller would be dangerous.

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They even began to look for strollers, but nothing suitable was found. Fortunately, Chelsea knew some hard-working students that could help. She is a teacher at Bullis School in Potomac Maryland, and she got Matt Zigler, a faculty member, involved.

It seems as if Ziegler was the right man for the job because he teaches the Innovation and Technology Lab. He works with his students in order to “develop and implement empathy, a key element of the design thinking process, to address a need within a community (local, regional, or global) rather than a personal need or desire.”

Photo: Maker Pipe/Matthew Zigler

Those 10 students put their training to work when developing something for Jeremy. What they came up with was a fabricated design that would allow an infant car seat to be attached to the wheelchair. Once the baby outgrows the infant seat, then an entire stroller can be connected for the older child.

Zigler went on Twitter to post about the process. He showed how they use 3D printing and tested the unit for weight. He also talked about a new version that was being considered.

Because of the work that they do, the students were nominated for the PrintLab 2021 makeable design challenge. They have also 12 different awards for their designs.

As you can imagine, the school was very excited about what their students did.

Zigler realizes that this design can help many people, so he has made a video that shows how to make the wheelchair attachments.

If you have a little creativity and access to the materials, you can create something that makes a difference.

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