WOW! You Won’t Believe What Plays These Syrian Refugee Children Love!

The civil conflict in Syria has dragooned millions of its citizens to flee their homeland, which has had especially detrimental effects on displaced Syrian children.

Less than 40% of juvenile refugees are in school, and many have been pushed into child labor to provide for their ruptured families.

Literary art is easily forgotten in such tumultuous circumstances, but creative expression is integral for processing traumatic experiences. This poses the question, “Are kids still getting some art in their lives if they’re living under these conditions?” We would certainly guess the answer was no, but one man is aiming to change that.

One Syrian actor named Nawar Bulbul recognized this need, and initiated a program called Shakespeare in Za’atari for the children of one of the largest Syrian refugee camps, located in northern Jordan.

In this video, watch the story of Wiam, who plays Cordelia in Bulbul’s adaptation of King Lear, and see how the program has inspired hope in Syria’s refugee children.

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