Syrian Women Raise Their Voices

As world powers meet in Geneva to try to guide the conflict in Syria to a peaceful resolution, people continue to suffer as violence drives them from their homes. People continue to be displaced and take shelter in refugee camps. This is a real problem, and it’s time for it to get some real solutions.

This video by the United Nations features the voices of Syrian women affected by the conflict and their appeal for peace in their homeland.

You might expect these women to talk about all the bad things that are happening in their country. You might expect them to tell you how many people have been injured, killed, or displaced. You might expect these women to beg for help, to be rescued from this horrible place. But they don’t.

Why, you ask? Because they love their home. They love Syria. They still have beautiful hopes and dreams for this war-torn place.

Listen to their hopes for Syria’s future in this incredible video.

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