Teacher Who Went Broke Adopting Former Student Is Now Debt Free

Chelsea Haley is a 29-year-old single mother who is an inspiration to people around the world.

As a teacher, she cared for the students in her class, but when she was only 22 years old, a fourth-grade student named Jerome needed some special attention.

Jerome was a troubled student who was always in trouble and was not doing well with his grades. He was suspended, but Chelsea knew that he needed some help.

Photo: Instagram/shell_sea213

In order to assist the young child, she began supporting him by attending his sporting events, buying his school supplies, and even chipping in for groceries for his entire family.

Despite everything that everyone else saw in Jerome, she realized that he was very smart, kind, and “really witty.” Eventually, she had a dream that told her to become Jerome’s parent and she made it a reality starting in October 2015.

Photo: Instagram/shell_sea213

He asked her if he could come live with her, and within two months, after getting the mother’s blessing, she became his legal guardian.

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It wasn’t only Jerome who came to live in her house, his little brother, Jace, came along with him.

Photo: Instagram/shell_sea213

Unfortunately, Haley went through her savings to pay for the attorney fees and was now in debt in order to raise the two boys. She was a hard worker, so she worked two jobs part-time along with being a full-time teacher.

She also had to sell her home and move back in with her parents, but five years later, the family is doing very well.

Jerome is an honor student at 17 years of age and Jace is now six years old. The mother wanted to clear her debt, however, so she could focus on the boys’ future and save money for them.

Photo: Instagram/shell_sea213

Fortunately, that dream came true and she is now debt-free.

She shared on Instagram that in just five years since adopting the boys, from age 24-29, she paid off over $46,000 in debt. How amazing is that?

You can follow her on Instagram to learn more about their life as a family together.

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