Math Teacher Goes Viral For Putting Meme Stickers Next To Test Scores

We learn a lot online these days. Not only do we have the option of searching for information but sometimes, the information comes to us. That includes this unique teaching life hack from a math teacher.

@jjgrubb started things when they posted a video on TikTok on November 30.

It was a simple video that showed him putting meme stickers on a math test copy.

Photo: TikTok / jjgrubb

The text overlay reads: “Best purchase a teacher can make.”

The memes are some of the more popular images you see online.

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A meme sticker for every grade 👍 #fyp #foryoupage #teachersoftiktok #meme

♬ original sound – grubb

They include a shot of Steve Carell crying, Ben Stiller from Dodgeball, and a confused Jackie Chan.

Photo: The Noun Project

The student would get the appropriate reaction meme on their test depending on the grade. But he noted that he doesn’t actually use the “bad” memes.

Photo: TikTok / jjgrubb

Since the video went live, it has received more than 2 million likes.

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