Teacher Makes Hundreds Of Desks For Students In Need

The global pandemic has forced many of us to stay home and attend work or school from the safety and comfort of our houses. However, that hasn’t always been an easy adjustment for some. While some of us might be lucky enough to have enough room in our homes to fit in a desk or whatever other furniture we need in order to facilitate work or school, not every family is so lucky.

Iowa teacher Nate Evans quickly noticed the disparity as he taught classes online. Some of his students didn’t have a proper school setup and had to resort to sitting on their beds or couches while attending class.

Some of his students were even sitting on the ground. The seventh-grade teacher, who teaches literature, has some previous work experience as a carpenter. That is what inspired him to do something about his students who didn’t have desks by building them wooden desks from scratch!

Photo: Facebook / Woodworking with a Purpose

Not only did Evans build these desks for his students, but he also personally delivered them to all the students in need – completely free of charge. The teacher had initially gone to the hardware store for materials to build a dozen desks. However, after people saw the wonderfully crafted, bright-colored desks, donations and requests began to come his way.

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As he explained to Good Morning America, “It’s for kids who have absolutely nothing to kids who have everything they’ve wanted but don’t have this space because it wasn’t available. Somebody had to provide it and I thought, ‘Why not me?’”

Photo: Facebook / Woodworking with a Purpose

Getting the help of over 50 volunteers, he founded Woodworking with a Purpose. Together, they have managed to build 600 desks for students in need and were not about to slow down. In fact, they planned to make 2,020 desks by the end of 2020.

Evans makes all the desks either in his own garage or in a rented storage unit. They each cost him between $20-25 to make, and he’s been largely paying out of pocket – although Woodworking With A Purpose is trying to fundraise $30,000 to make more.

Photo: Facebook / Woodworking with a Purpose

As for his desire and drive to help? Evans shared with the outlet, “I became a teacher to help kids, that was it. It wasn’t for the summer breaks. I want to see them learn and grow … learn and grow in my classroom … I want to see them learn and grow at home too.”

What a remarkably kind man. For more information about his Woodworking with a Purpose, visit their website here.

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