These Updates On Old-School Tech Will Blow Your Mind!

#2 – The Lamy Vista Fountain Pen

Fountain pens are the ultimate in writing utensils. They are sleek, graceful, and very classy. They add a real sense of purpose to whatever their user is writing. Some people even claim that fountain pens improve their penmanship! While the technology being used to create the Lamy Vista fountain pen is not new, we feel that this pen represents the moderns era more than it does eras past.

The Lamy Vista Fountain Pen / Via Lamy

The Lamy Vista utilizes a replaceable ink system that screws into the barrel of the pen. All you need to do is place an ink cartridge inside and screw the pen back together to puncture the cartridge. The body of the pen is made of clear, non-fade plastic and only the pen’s nib and clip are made out of metal.

What truly makes this pen an update on old-school technology is its price. Most fountain pens are expensive and difficult to maintain, but this pen has been updated for modern sensibilities and as well as modern incomes.

#1 – The Atari Arcade (Duo)

Atari has been a big name in the video game industry since the release of Pong in 1972. Now, since the release of the Xbox Kinect and the Wii U, Atari games still exist simply for nostalgic reasons. But the folks at Duo decided to give Atari an inexpensive update to keep these original video games alive!

This new Atari gives users an experience at home that is similar to playing on a stand-up console at an arcade. The system works by using the processing power/screen of the iPad to recreate classic games. All you have to do is plug your iPad into the console and its pre-loaded application does the rest. This “arcade” system is seriously cool. How else are going to get your Pong fix?

The Instant Lab and the Freewrite / Via The Impossible Project and Kickstarter

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Whether it’s a typewriter or an Atari, we all need to pay homage to these older forms of technology for paving the roads to the future. Without the Atari, we wouldn’t have Angry Birds. Without the instant gratification of a Polaroid photo, we might not ever have gotten Instagram! By blending the old-school with the new-school, we not only show respect to the past, but we also remember how we’ve gotten to the present.

The question on our minds, though, is what will come next?

Which technology do you think is due for an update?

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