TEDTalk: How Books Can Open Your Mind

How many books do you read? After watching this TED Talk, you might start reading more of them! This is such an inspirational video!

“Because of books, I am here today, happy, living with purpose and clarity.” — Lisa Bu

At age 15, journalist Lisa Bu realized her childhood dream of becoming a Chinese opera singer would never come true. She was devastated, and determined to find a new dream. So, she turned to books.

As it turns out, books were a saving grace for Lisa, and they can be for you too. They changed her entire life and—you guessed it—opened her mind to all sorts of new opportunities. She had never realized before how endless the opportunities really were!

This TED Talk is one for the ages. We know you are going to learn something amazing from it.

Hear how literature helped Lisa find her purpose and create a new path for herself in America.

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