Teen Gets Accepted To 72 Different Colleges

One of the more difficult things that we have to go through as we are leaving high school is applying for college. There is enough stress because of the fact that we are leaving home, let alone having to apply and then wait by the mailbox to see if we have been accepted to our favorite school.

It can be difficult to get into the school that you want, especially if you are not the valedictorian and you have less than perfect grades.

Even with good grades, however, you’re competing against other students from many different areas, so the pressure seems to be on.


If this is how you feel, then you need to take a page out of the book from Ja’Leaha Thornton. She lives in Florida, and she figured out a way to stand out when it comes to filling out college applications. In fact, she went through the process and was able to receive 72 acceptance letters from different colleges.

Perhaps this comes as a surprise to you, but she not only says that she was invited to all of those colleges, she even posted a picture with all of those logos surrounding her. It just shows you the possibility if you know how to do it.

Posted by Itss Leahaa on Wednesday, April 20, 2022

This probably leads to a lot of questions on your part. Specifically, how did she do it?

She points out that she does have a system, and it involves trying to get into as many colleges as she can from the very start. She doesn’t want the anxiety of approaching this as a yes or no situation, she thinks of it as being more like a game.

In speaking with Good Morning America, she had the following to say: “I know the process of applying could be kind of overwhelming to many, and instead of stressing myself out, I decided to make it a competition… and see how many I can actually get into.”

Photo: Pixabay/12831137

She also said that she uses an app to apply to multiple colleges at a single time. In addition, it allows you to request that you don’t have to pay the application fee. This can really help to lower the stress, especially if you are strapped for money.

The app she uses is the Common App and more specifically in her case, she uses the Black Common App, which allows her access to black colleges and universities.

Some people spend a considerable amount of money trying to get into school but she claims that she only spent $20 at the most.

Signed sealed and committed 💚💛💚💛💚I am proud to say I will be attending thee Xavier university of Louisiana historically…

Posted by Itss Leahaa on Friday, April 22, 2022

Now that she has 72 different choices that span from the East to the West Coast, you might be wondering which school she chose. She opted for a private school in New Orleans, Xavier University of Louisiana.

She leaves us with some parting words, and that is to “shoot beyond the sky.” In other words, don’t limit yourself, just go for it.

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