How Many of These Banned Books Have You Read?

Are you a reader of banned books? You might be one without even realizing it.

If there’s one thing book lovers know to be true, it’s this: books have incredible power. They can spur social change. They can change hearts. They can critique society. They can make people feel strong emotions. They can change the world.

But sometimes books can say such strong things that they make people angry…and that, perhaps, is what leads to books getting banned. Okay, there’s that, and then there’s really weird reasons that make you think, Really? Why?

What are some of the most commonly banned books in the world? This video features ten different titles frequently subject to censorship. From classics like Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? to modern blockbusters like The Da Vinci Code, this clip brings to light some of the interesting and bizarre reasons books are banned.

Watch the video and count how many titles you’ve read.

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