The Birthday Boys Present: Book Guy, the Musical!

If you aren’t familiar with the Birthday Boys, then you are in for quite a treat! Just know that they are, in a word, absurd. There’s no getting around that.

This irreverent comedy troupe has a knack for pointing out things that are more ridiculous than we realize — such as breaking out into song for no apparent reason (like they do in your favorite movie and nobody even bats an eyelash at it).

Not that breaking out into song isn’t a great way to spice up your day. But really, it is pretty absurd.

In this sketch, the Birthday Boys use their comedic and satirical expertise to demonstrate what it would be like if people on the street broke out into musical dance numbers on a whim (particularly if they had no musical talent whatsoever).

The subject of this song? What it’s like to be a book guy. And apparently what it’s like to not be able to carry a tune.

If you’re a book person, you’ll love this super-nerdy song all about loving books!

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