The Contributions of Female Explorers

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It wasn’t that long ago that western women were treated as second-class citizens in their nation’s social and political systems. It seems like forever ago when you read the history books, but the history of America is not really very long at all in comparison with the rest of the world’s lengthy history.

During the Victorian Age, women were encouraged to focus on home and family. Exploring unknown lands was almost exclusively reserved for men.


As in every age of history, there were some women who were brave enough and driven enough to break through the barriers society had put in place for them. And it’s a good thing, because they made contributions to our understanding of our country that we’d probably be much worse off without.

Three brave Victorian women, Marianne North, Mary Kingsley and Alexandra David-Néel, were determined to break through cultural limitations to become accomplished explorers in their own right. And so they did.

Watch the video to learn more about their adventures and what a woman can do when she doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

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