Things We Say Wrong

Doesn’t it just grind your gears when somebody says something you know is grammatically or factually incorrect? Don’t you wish everyone knew how to speak and write properly all the time? Don’t you wish people knew where to place commas and how to spell common words? Don’t you even sometimes wish you didn’t make mistakes of your own when speaking or writing?

If there’s one thing we as a society can agree on, it’s that grammar in this country has gone downhill. Between texting on our phones and chatting on computers, there’s just no reason for people to use proper grammar anymore, and we are suffering because of it.

Too many people have gotten to the point where they no longer know how to spell, write, or even speak properly.

Watch this hilarious video to get a rundown of what we’re doing wrong. You might even surprise yourself with some minor mistakes you’ve been making all this time without even realizing it!

Check it out for yourself!

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