Tiny Bookstore On Wheels Brings Books To Towns Whose Bookstores Have Closed

Do you remember when the bookmobile would come to visit your school when you were a child? It was always wonderful to see the new, colorful books and we would typically buy one, if not more. It was a regular thing at my school and it was something that I looked forward to with eager anticipation.

Today, we have similar bookmobiles but one has taken on the persona of a tiny home. Thanks to Jean-Jacques Megel-Nuber, who purchased a tiny home and filled it with secondhand books, people are now enjoying that nostalgic piece of the past in a modern way. The tiny bookstore travels from town to town to make up for areas that don’t have a bookstore any longer.

Megel-Nuber lives in France and he worked as an artistic director until he quit his job in 2015. He then hired La Maison Qui Chemine, a tiny homemaker to create the little library. It was his dream to live in it as he traveled through the eastern region of France.

He had a very simple idea, he wanted to bring books to little villages around his hometown to make books available and affordable to everyone. The little bookstore is called Au Vrai Chic Littérère and you can find it in many parks or festivals in the region.

He wanted to take the books in a tiny home because it is attractive to many people. They can’t help but look inside when he pulls up.

“I needed a place that makes people want to enter,” he told Fortune.

You can see Megel-Nuber posing for a picture in the Chic Littérère.

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It looks huge but remember that it is a tiny home.

Not only is it a library on the inside, but it is also absolutely beautiful and bright.

“I wanted a little feeling of a cabin and an aura of a small bookstore, which both evoke a lot of dreaming,” Pauline Fagué, a designer at Maison qui Chemine, told Architectural Digest of the design.

The books are held in place as the bookstore is on the move with custom flaps. The area where the bookstore travels his hilly, so it’s important to keep the books secured.

Almost 3000 books (1300 pounds) fits into the tiny bookstore. It’s enough to keep people interested but small enough to travel the country roads.

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Lecture improvisée avec quelques enfants de passage.

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Au Vrai Chic Littérère is doing a good job of getting the books out to the masses. In February, he moved 2500 books for adults out of the tiny bookstore and made it a bookstore for children.

Megel-Nuber is able to get the sleep he needs by climbing up into a sleeping loft on the main level of the home.

Considering the popularity of this little bookstore, you can see why he would want to stay nearby.

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Une librairie, la nuit.

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“I am often told that it is difficult to leave [the bookstore] and that they’d like to have the same thing in their own garden,” Megel-Nuber told Fortune.

I guess a love of books is universal.

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