Parents Share Their Secrets For Getting Children To Love Reading

Parents teach their children in numerous ways. Sometimes, they do so by example, and at other times, they have to get creative. After all, not every child wants to learn something from their parents, but with a little sneakiness, you would be amazed at what you can teach them to do.

That includes how many parents are teaching their children to read. It isn’t just a matter of being able to read so they are literate, they want their children to love reading, and some are quite creative when it comes to teaching them how to do it. That is clearly seen in the following tweets.

The 8-year-old daughter of Robert McKnees feels that she’s being rebellious by reading under the covers with a flashlight. What she hasn’t figured out is why the batteries never run out. This is the tweet that went viral and parents everywhere started sharing the tactics they used to help their children love reading.

There are times when it may be fun to think that you are getting away with something, but a clip-on lamp is always going to be a great gift. It can help to foster a love of reading for many years.

I guess this falls under the “if you can’t beat them, join them” category.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting the child started in the story and they will take it from there.

Making reading a part of a young child’s life will often set the stage for what will happen in later years.

Some parents are masters at reverse psychology. Make it seem as if they shouldn’t read the books and try to get them to stop reading them!

This parent figured out the ultimate way to have a win-win scenario when grounding the child.

And she thought she was getting away with something!

Sometimes, the convenience of these gadgets was a little too convenient.

Chores and reading? Win-Win!

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