Looking For A New Read? Check Out The Top 6 Blogs for Bookworms

Are you in a reading rut? Need some new material for your book list? Or looking to step outside your bookshelf box? These six blogs have got you covered, no matter what genre you’re into.

For the voracious: Booklist Online

Booklist is a 100-year-old book review magazine and is widely considered to be the world’s most reliable source of reviews. Booklist Online is it’s web-based brother. It features a Review of the Day, along with a generous selection of exclusive, informative and completely free content. Subscribers have access to Booklist Online’s database of more than 135,000 reviews and thousands of features dating back to 1992.

For the kids: 100 Scope Notes

100 Scope Notes is the ultimate source for children’s literature news and reviews. According to blog creator Travis Jonker, “Combine one part kid’s books, one part school librarianship, a splash of absurdity and you get 100 Scope Notes.” Jonker is an elementary school librarian in Michigan and his insightful reviews are witty and engaging. Plus, he’s got enough fun and quirky book-related content to keep you reading for days. (His “Unfortunate Covers” page is definitely worth a peek.)

For the worldly: Saffron Tree

Looking to expand your child’s horizons without leaving the house? Saffron Tree is your oasis. This outside-the-box book blog collects and reviews an eclectic mix of children’s books from around the world, all organized in age-appropriate categories for the infant to the young adult. Creator Praba Ram is an India native and created Saffron Tree to “enable children to connect with their cultural roots as well as help them understand and appreciate other cultures” through literature.

For the hipster: Writers No One Reads

Impress your friends with your obscure literature knowledge by taking a look at the quirky and unconventional archives at Writers No One Reads. Their description says it all: “Highlighting forgotten, neglected, abandoned, forsaken, unrecognized, unacknowledged, overshadowed, out-of-fashion, under-translated writers.”

For the daring: Curious Pages

Curious Pages is a celebration of the “offbeat, the abstract, the unusual, the surreal, the macabre, the inappropriate, the subversive and the funky.” If you’re a critic of book banning and want to support publications that often get swept under the rug, this is the place to be. And if you’ve got kids, you’ll love their reviews of appropriately inappropriate books for kids.

For the artist: Book By Its Cover

Book By Its Cover is a site devoted to showcasing the creative publications that sometimes get lost in today’s world of digital media. Created in 2006 by illustrator Julia Rothman, the site aims to “bring attention to the beauty of the printed page” with its wide range of works in art and design. Her archives cover everything from vintage publications to contemporary graphic design books, and her unique “Sketchbooks” section gives readers a look inside the pages of their favorite illustrators’ journals. Definitely worth a look.

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