Using Data to Make a Difference

Although more children are attending school now than ever before, there are still 57 million children who do not have access to an education.

Numbers are currently at an almost standstill, despite incredible progress at the beginning of the millennium.

Roughly one in ten children worldwide do not have access to schooling, and half of those children live in Sub-Saharan Africa. Many don’t attend school because they are already in the workforce, or because they are disabled or poor, or they have already had children of their own.

Knowing the numbers and the people who they represent gives us a clearer perspective on how to solve the education problem — watch to get the data, then use it to make a difference.

Poverty is one of the main causes of drop-outs in Sub-Saharan Africa — the poorer the area, the more education seems to cost. Data tell us that girls with the opportunity to go to school will live happier, healthier lives.

With just a $10 donation, you can provide a year of school supplies to give one girl the opportunity for a better life.

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