Youtuber Raps Dr. Seuss Rhymes Over Dr. Dre Beats And Goes Viral

While there may be pockets of society that are attempting to slowly reopen, most of the world is still locked down. That means there are still a lot of bored people who are wanting to get out into the normal world. However, for artists everywhere, the lockdown has been a chance to catch up on all the creative projects they’ve wanted to do.

For Wes Tank, a YouTuber, this extra time indoors has meant he’s been able to devote more time to his musical mashup: Dr. Seuss rhymes rapped over Dr. Dre beats. The result is the video, Fox in Sox, and it has gone viral. And, after watching the creative interpretation of the classic children’s books, we can definitely understand the interest.

The Wisconsin-based Tank has referred to his series as a passion project – something he’s been meaning to get around to for a while. Like many of us creatives, when the pandemic hit it meant more time for our passion projects. When the pandemic hit, Tank’s workload eased a bit, meaning he figured he’d put the time to good use and finally began his work on his musical passion project – right there in his dining room.

As he shared with NBC15, he had no idea how much attention his Fox in Sox would end up receiving, “I was shocked to find out we were on the front page of Reddit and then trending on YouTube. After that happened it just sort of spiraled. The views were tripling and quadrupling, and before you know it, we were above a million.”

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But, it’s not hard to see why it went viral and became quite popular. Tank definitely has the talent to back up his idea. Not only was he able to get through the notoriously tongue-twisting prose of the famous Dr. Seuss, but he also managed to deliver it to his audience with style.

If you love his Fox in Sox, then you’ll be happy to know that Tank has many more Dr. Seuss works set to Dr. Dre beats, such as the famous Green Eggs and Ham, as well as The Lorax. And, it’s something that the whole family can enjoy since Tank has received messages of admiration from both adults and kids alike.

You can watch some of his raps below, as well as check out his YouTube channel where you can get new content:

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