Young Authors Collaborate on, “I Write Short Stories by Kids for Kids”

With all the smartphones, computers, and other screen-related technology so easily accessible today, kids are less and less likely to spend much time reading on a regular basis.

Read3Zero is an organization determined to keep kids reading and writing. Their mission is to inspire children to read 30 minutes per day and to write their own stories.

“We believe that creativity and imagination are natural gifts of childhood,” their website states.

The coolest part? We honestly think the best part of this national publishing group’s project is that kids get to share their work with the world though the organization’s I Write Contest, where 55 winners each year are chosen and published in the annual anthology, “I Write Short Stories for Kids by Kids”. Those winners, as you’ll see in this video, are invited to attend and participate in a book signing celebration in Houston, Texas.

Enabling kids to become published authors is a great way to teach them to believe in themselves, to believe that their dreams of writing books are really possible.

See young author Laine Kennedy discuss her work!

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